Welcome! My name is Danielle and I am a mom of eight children. Myself as well of 3 of my kiddos are extremely allergic to cats as well as other animals. Two of my sons even have asthma. My husband Guy and I wanted to bring pets into the house for our kids but it was much too dangerous. One day I started researching hypoallergenic animals and found out about these amazing cats I now breed called Siberians. In my case the problem was once we decided we wanted a couple of these amazing animals there were really no breeders near us in Florida or if they were they had a wait-list. My husband and I traveled to Louisiana for our first kitten and immediately were in love! The best part was, I could breathe, my eyes weren’t swollen shut, I had no hives or rashes, and wasn’t sneezing and itching non-stop. Shortly later we traveled to Colorado for a kitten, and lastly to Texas. Recently we also went to Chicago, and back to Texas to add to our family again! Now we are breeding our cats to hopefully help other families like ours experience the joy we have!

Here are a couple of pictures of our Sire Romeo, and Dam Juliet. Romeo is a Rare Flame Point, that has beautiful Blue eyes, and Juliet “AKA Sweet Pea” is a gorgeous Solid White Siberian. The both come from a long line of top quality TICA and CFA Registered pedigrees.

We also Have Our Lucy girl a Brown Tabby, Sweet Rosie, a Calico, Handsome Boots a silver Tabby and Gorgeous Zusha, a Seal Point. As you can see all of our cats and kittens are very loved and spoiled! Boots is our newest Sire and Zusha our newest Dam.

God Bless from our Family to Yours!