Siberian Cats are native to Russia, and have been popular in the area for over 1000 years. They typically have a long thick coat, weigh 8-17lbs, and live 11-15 years on average. Siberian Cats are extremely affectionate, very intelligent, are child friendly, do not shed much, tend to get along well with a wide variety of other pets including other breeds of cats and dogs. Siberian Cats are also super playful, rarely vocal, and do not hide like typical cats, they do not share the same anxiety’s and are naturally calm animals. Siberian Cats are indoor pets and love learning new tricks and games, they are very strong and athletic. The Siberian kittens matures slowly, sometimes not reaching his full physical development until he is 5 years old.

Now for the best part!

Siberian cats have been the subject of research for their hypoallergenic properties for many, many years now. A protein, Fel-d1 is released in cats via their saliva, tears, and feces. This protein is what causes people like me to have allergic reactions. Studies show that as high as 95% of people who have moderate to severe allergic reactions to non hypoallergenic cats can live with a Siberian cat with little to no allergic reaction. In studies conducted by Universities, they found that Siberians have as much as ten times less FEL D1/dander levels compared to other domestic cats. To me, The real proof is not only found in studies, but in thousands of testimonials by families with allergy sufferers like mine, that now share their lives with Siberian cats and experience very little to no allergic reaction.