These are reviews that were emailed to us from previous clients that have purchased their fabulous kittens from our previous litters. If you are a previous client and have not yet sent us a review please feel free at your convenience, and I will upload it to this page.

Thank you so much Danielle for helping me find a life long forever friend that doesn’t set off my allergies. I have wanted a pet for years, but was never able to do it because I am allergic to cats and dogs. Normally, I will hug and pet my friend’s cats and end up taking Benadryl with rashes and severe amounts of congestion. I got a little white cat with a Mohawk named Yogurt, and he is literally by my side most of the day.

I was very, very dubious that these cats would actually be hypoallergenic. I had never met a cat I could hug and hold without setting off my allergies, and it is just miserable to be allergic to animals. Danielle invited us to her home to visit the kittens and other cats in the house and to stay as long as we liked. She and her family were so welcoming and kind to us, answering all of our questions. The kids love all of the cats so much, these kittens come from a home of love where they all have person to nap with and to play with them. They aren’t like other places that will shove the cats outside or mass breed them, each little kitten is like a family member to them and important.

Yogurt sits with us on our laps for nap time, is excited to greet us at the door, sleeps in bed with us, and is always there to keep us company. He is very playful but gentle, and he good with kids and adults. He is extremely easy to take care of.. he tolerates baths, has never made a “mistake” in the house, likes his food, drinks a ton of water, doesn’t mind nail clipping, and has no problem finding his litter. I have never had a pet before and was worried it would be a lot of work, but it really isn’t and he is so lovable! It is like magic to someone with allergies to find a breed that I can actually tolerate. I can literally breathe in on his fur and have no issues, I almost don’t believe it some days. And Danielle’s Siberians are some of the sweetest cats ever, she cares for all of the kittens like they were her children and they grow up with so much love. You are in good hands if you buy a Siberian from Danielle. Crystal, in Florida

I want to thank Danielle for providing me with something I wasn’t even sure I needed. My wife is in a nursing home an I decided to get a companion pet not even sure it would help but my handsome boy has been a god send. I decided to get a Siberian due to my allergies getting worse and worse with age. I have yet to ever have a reaction from him. Buddy as I call him is very friendly, sits in my lap most of the day, and even sleeps in my bed at night. He is extremely friendly with my grandchildren and has definitely filled a void I didn’t even know existed. Danielle was very professional with our transaction but I could tell these cats and her many kids were her life. I visited her home before purchasing and was amazed at how all of the cats are free roaming and just running around playing with each other and her children. I would highly recommend buying a Siberian from her. -Larry, in Florida